Lenny Souza

lenny sam
Lenny and former Aragon standout Sam Tuivailala

Lenny Souza has been involved in San Mateo baseball for over 25 years. From a youth coach to the Head Coach at Aragon High School, he has enriched the baseball experience of thousands of kids and inspired ballplayers with his positive attitude and genuine love for the game. Lenny teaches his player’s to enjoy the game by playing it the right way. While at Aragon he has turned the Don’s from a perennial loser to a yearly contender and has guided his players to continue their careers beyond High School. In the summer Lenny manages the Foster City White Sox who play in the Palomino League and are considered amongst the elite high-school summer programs in the area. He will serve the COB as a general coach as well as a High School/College skills consultant. He know’s what specific attributes High School and College coaches seek, and will prepare players accordingly.