Jono Stoval

jono 02Jono Stoval is what you would call a lifer. He has been around the game his entire life as a player as well as a coach. To this day he plays in multiple baseball leagues while teaching young ballers the basics of the game. Here is a short story that explains everything you need to know in regards to his commitment to baseball.

Jono is about 5ft 7 inches tall on his best day. He was born a Lefty/Lefty and it had served him well in the game until he got to Junior College. His coach at Cañada college sat Jono down and had a real serious talk with him about his baseball future. Because of his size, Jono would be very limited to the opportunities he would get at first base and he was not much of an outfielder. He challenged Jono to try learning to throw right handed as it would give him a chance to be a left-handed hitting second baseman. In that moment, Jono decided to redshirt for the season and spend every waking moment of his life teaching himself to throw right handed. On opening the day the next season, Jono Stoval was batting first and playing second for that team.

Jono will be serving the Church of Baseball as a general coach as well as a wellness and strength trainer.